Book Review: The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

I’ve been getting really lucky lately with my fantasy choices – all of them have been first person accounts which means a firm storyline without multiple points of view skipping all over the place just when the action gets exciting. I think I’m spoiled, and am now scared to read a story from a third person perspective!

The Inheritance Trilogy is story about the central Arameri family andĀ their interactions with the gods. More than the storyline itself, it’s the characters that really grip you. Sieh the trickster is my favorite – god of children, mischief, and pranks. Then there is the overpowering awesomeness of the Lord of Night – Nahadoth. A god who is filled with contradictions. Pitiless, and yet capable of immense love. Blacker than night, but not truly evil. Chaotic, unpredictable.

And Itempas – the god of light, and order. The antithesis of Nahadoth – but they also love each other too deeply for words, even through the betrayals and fighting. It’s difficult for me to put my thoughts of these characters into words. Each of the three books is told from the point of view of a different character. But they’re not unconnected storylines. Far from it. Rather, the three make up one continuous saga.

The author Jemisin gives us a fantastic insight into how gods might think. How their countless eons of existence produces a personality bordering on the insane (if not completely so). The central theme of the book however, is that it isĀ mortals who are the most dangerous of them all. Mortals with their ability to manipulate the laws of nature and magic, can occasionally threaten the very fabric of existence itself. Their ability to do magic might pale in comparison with the gods, but there is always the threat.

And when gods and mortals produce offspring…the fireworks are terrifying.

It’s hard to find fault with such a tight storyline and such a gripping set of characters. I never got bored – not for a second, which is rare for me. I was unable to put the books down for long stretches of time, and that makes it all the more delicious. So don’t hesitate to get these if you’re looking to munch down on a new fantasy series!

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