Islamic Terrorism in India is a complete myth

Everyone knows that India is a target of Islamic terrorism right? Listening to the news hype or the blog conversations on pro-hindu sites (that’s not an insult btw), you can’t help but feel that the Muslim extremists are taking over India and bombing innocent men, women and children all over the place every day. But there’s one teensy little problem with this scenario.

Islamic terrorism makes up less than 9% of all terror incidents in India! And almost all of it is in the Kashmir region.

Now that can’t possibly be true right? I mean what about all the terrorist blasts in 2009 in the rest of India? Except that there were none. Yup, that’s right. Not one damn terrorist attack in India in 2009 outside of Kashmir that we can attribute to Islamic fanatics.

How do I know this? While researching data for a reply to a blog comment – see, I do the research :) – I found that the US government has set up a worldwide terrorism tracking system which gives a wealth of information regarding terrorist attacks globally. It’s free, publicly accessible, and users can filter by country, date range, type of terror attacks, casualties, groups responsible, location within the country, generate heat maps, get victim data and many more options and you can mix n match to get the exact info you’re looking for.

It turns out, that the majority of terror attacks in India is carried out by the Naxals. Here is the complete map of terrorism in India in 2009. A total of 703 attacks.

Terror attacks in India - 2009

Terror attacks in India - 2009

When you filter by “Islamic Extremism”, the map changes to this with the number dropping to just 63. I got a bit of a shock on seeing this really.

Islamic Terrorism in India - Where is it?

Islamic Terrorism in India - Where is it?

Ouch..where are all the Islamic bombings? You know, the “terrorists” which our government is trying so hard to save us from. The terrorism which has every citizen in India in a funk afraid of their own shadow. It’s in the damn Naxal belt that’s where – go get em!

But please stop this crap about Islamic militants. Yeah, it happens now and then but hardly kills anyone. Not that we Indians particularly care about lives being lost. Otherwise we would have done something about train accidents in India which have already killed 285 people in this year alone.

Of course, this robs people of the satisfaction of blaming all violence in India on the Muslims. Hopefully at least some people will take note.

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  1. The author of this piece is blissfully unaware of the facts! Alas, if only he knew that all the explosive substances, Assault rifles, IEDs, and other instruments of destruction unleashed by terrorists (including Naxals) in India are either directly or indirectly sent in from Bangladesh or Pakistan (via Nepal), also through Myanmar originating from Bangladesh. the author is looking at the muzzle of the gun to count the number of shots it has fired but is overlooking the number of rounds expended from the Magazine!! What logic…wow!! Please go through the entire chain of command and supply of Terrorists in will know what we are alarmed at. FYI – The Most Wanted terrorist ganglord of India is residing in Karachi,Pakistan,given safe haven by ISI and state of Pakistan; the second most notorious terror ganglord resides in Bangladesh protected by Bangladesh Intelligence and underground groups! Many such examples abound…plz. do the homework before posting such irresponsible comments…


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