Why Your Reasons for Demanding a Tip are Wrong

Waiters are understandably upset about why I don’t tip and have given many illogical reasons in support of this ridiculous practice. Here’s a rebuttal of the most common ones.

Bullshit 1: We only Pay for the Food. Service is Extra

The menu price doesn’t include just the cost of preparing the food and paying the chef. It includes the restaurant setting, the tables, the cutlery, the effort and investment that the restaurant owner has put into the dining area. Now guess what? Since I’m paying for it, the restaurant has to give it to me. And how do they accomplish this?

Waiters. Ding ding!

See without waiters, the restaurant has no way of delivering the dining experience to me that I’m paying for. I’m paying for sitting down in a nice place. I’m paying for the air conditioning. I’m paying for the nice tablecloth and for my food to be delivered to me in a reasonable time. The menu price covers all this. Waiters are just the restaurant’s way of bringing me my food. Of fulfilling their part of the contractual obligation.

Bottom line. Servers are not independent contractors. They’re not an “extra” that you have to pay for. By hook or crook, the restaurant needs to deliver the product. Whether they use waiters or conveyor belts (a term that many seem to object to), is not my business. I don’t care. The waiters can just melt into the background and let me enjoy my food in peace. If the menu includes free refills or whatever, then waiters are required to deliver that as well. Why? Because…wait for it….I paid for it!

Bullshit 2: It’s the custom. It’s ‘merica!

Yeah right. You do realize that not all customs are created equal don’t you? Slavery was a “custom” back in the day and so was race and sexual discrimination. Anyone with an ounce of integrity does what they feel is right. There are many harmless customs in the world like bowing instead of shaking hands, or using chopsticks instead of forks etc that are morally neutral. It really makes no difference if you follow them or not.

But tipping? Hell no! It’s not morally neutral. If you get better service because you’re a good tipper, then you’re essentially paying a bribe to servers to get them to do their job properly next time. All customs have a limit. And tipping is such a convenient custom isn’t it? Hell, I wish I had a custom in place for people to just throw money at me.

And just in case someone feels I don’t appreciate the US, there are many great things about this country that I love and I’ve blogged about repeatedly. Freedom of expression, the way Americans show respect to their armed forces, the politeness of people as you walk by on the road, the work culture, the individuality.

I just don’t like tipping. It’s not as if a person has to blindly accept everything in a country without judgment. There are good things. And there are bad things. Just like everywhere else.

Bullshit 3: The cost of food will increase dramatically

Someone needs to do basic math. Increasing the price of food to pay minimum wage to waiters will not double the price of food. Some have even gone so far to claim that it’ll increase 4-5 times. Ridiculous. Totally, utterly ridiculous. Let’s dissect this rubbish.

As an example, I’ll take Chilis. A waitress at Chilis was so kind as to comment saying that the price of food at her restaurant will increase by 3 times – $30 for a $10 burger. Using the statistics she herself gave in her comment, there are 12 waiters (at full capacity) who need to be paid minimum wage. That’s $5 extra per hour per waiter making it a net total of $60 per hour that has to be added to the price of food on a full day.

$60/hr? For 12 waiters. That’s it! It’s peanuts. If you assume even that each waiter is serving just four tables. That’s $5 an hour extra they have to make from four tables. Even if we say that each table sits for a massive two hours, the extra paid per table is way less than $5. On the total bill. Worst, worst case scenario.

You know what? Customers won’t even notice. So stop the garbage about the prices of food going up several times to pay minimum wage. It’s utter nonsense. The only reason waiters don’t want this system in place is because they earn a hell of a lot more than than minimum wage using our tips. And they come across as the victims.

Waiters are Struggling Mothers/Students

Look, it’s not as if I don’t have sympathy for those who struggle in life. I just don’t think it’s my problem. And I specially don’t like it being impinged upon me. Generosity is one thing. Having money demanded from you is something totally else. Any tip I give is out of the generosity of my heart and I expect some gratitude for helping those in need. It’s not something I have to do since…refer to Myth 1.

Bottom line: Socially mandated tipping is a scam. I can’t believe how intelligent people have been hoodwinked into it. Probably because they like to come across as “nice” people and feel sorry for servers who hover around looking expectantly. Well, I find that irritating and I won’t buy into it.

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  1. Hi Redneck says:


    There was much truth in your post. He’s an Indian who clawed his way out of the ghetto and now feels like he’s somehow entitled to be a complete asshat. He probably sucks at the teat of Ayn Rand. Pay him no heed. He’s not worth it.


    • Brian says:

      In reply to Hi Redneck

      Just read this jokers rebuttal to people who dare to think they should get a tip for services rendered and i found myself laughing out loud.first of all I’d like to say that I’m from Nevada where tipping is normal and expected.i love the system in this state because in some cases it allows the person providing the service to make sure he (or she )gets his tip.For example if this Jal Park clown sits down in a bar in vegas and orders a 4$ beer then stiffs the bartender the next time the bartender comes around that 4$ beer is now 7$…bartender has some leeway as to how much he charges the non tipping customer. what would have cost cheapo a simple dollar or two tip now will cost him three every time he orders a beer. I happen to drive a cab in Vegas and I have enough experience to know that these Indians don’t tip at all. so what I do when I get an Indian in my cab is I find the longest route I can possibly take and I get my gratuity anyway. My company pays us cash daily so I don’t care one way or the other . I worked in a restaurant for a few years as a server and had a regular Indian customer by the name of Jagdeesh. this man never tipped one time ever in the entire three years I serve Him. I knew every time he sat in my section I wasn’t getting a thing off of him. I used to watch him smile as he drank his soda knowing I just Dipped my nuts in it. the satisfaction I felt watching this man drink my nut sweat was priceless.


    • In reply to Hi Redneck

      This guy has nailed it. He’s a customer who doesn’t need to tip. He gets in, gets out, he’s not a talker, likes a buffet, doesn’t like smarm.

      I tip because I’m a pain in the arse, I modify my orders, make silly requests. I push for an extra mile and I tend to talk to much.

      My tip is justified.

      You should all being such a bunch of silly entitled cunts and have a think.


      • Brian says:

        In reply to Samuel Barron

        You do understand that the tipping system is there so people get payed a proper wage. It doesn’t matter if you are a pain in the ass or not. If you sit there for 30min and don’t tip then the server only gets paid like $3 and due to taxes will loose all of it so you actually cost that server money. Sure if you are a pain we appreciate you noticing you make us work harder by tipping more but 30min of in and out and 30min of exta refills and questions is still time. And time equals money.

        Think of it this way. Does a nurse get paid more for a blood shot wound vs a person with a stomach ache?


  2. nonTipper says:

    So a summary.
    Restaurants want to keep the tip as it gives them virtually free labour.
    Servers want to keep the tip as they can make 100k while paying taxes for only 20k.
    No wonder both restaurants and servers defend this practice like the holy grail.

    But who does not benefit from this? Surprise, surprise – customers. They pay the restaurant and yet some people find perfectly acceptable that on top of the final price issued by the restaurant to pay salaries to their employees. Oh well, I guess people just don’t know how to use their heads.


    • Truth says:

      In reply to nonTipper

      @nontipper——Well of course here I come to inform you ! Im not sure where you get your information from I think you read peoples post and pick and pull what u choose to hear INSTEAD of whats really trying to be expressed to you..Here in Indianapolis(at least the places I use to work at) Servers make 2.13 an hour PLUS TIPS..bartenders make abt 4.36 PLUS TIPS !! When u r hired in the hospitality industry they do tell you that u r making this low of a pay BUT THEN they go on to explain to u that with tips you have potential to do really well..and that varies from restaurant to restaurant..There has been many many days that I made 30 dollars for a 8 -10 hour shift…then of course once u tip out your host, bartender, and busser that 30 dollars goes down to about 16 dollars..that could be 3 days out of ur work week..THEN u get a great day some convention is in town or something so you make 250.00 or maybe 300.00 so ur week evens out..but if theres no convention times are rough and so you do depend on the guest to tip you appropriately which is 18% here…Bcuz that’s just how restaraunts operate every damn body knows that.!!(IF U DIDNT U DO NOW) .So the set of balls that SOME PEOPLE have coming into a restaurant and DINING IN which means its not a takeout you are now coming in to be waited on and to be tooken care of and when u get your check YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE A PLACE TO ADD A TIP..Why do u think they put that there ? Oh let me guess your saying ITS FOR IF I CHOOSE TO…How about you guys just save all the bullshit and ur dumb ass defense system your trying to come up with to defend why u don’t rather then saying im just a broke..tight wad..weak ass human how about that ?!! Lets see how many people chime in and come to their defense SAYING I GOT MONEY IM NOT BROKE ! YEAH F@@KING RIGHT..SAVE IT..So ANYWAYS as I was pointing out those numbers u came up with 100k or whatever I have never heard of personally – im sure somebody may have over exaggerated a bit unless they r working at ST.ELMOS 7 DAYS A WEEK..But on the average if people like YOU and everybody else that seen this blog and wanted to jump on BawgDOGS D@@K decides to come DINE-IN a restaurant and doesn’t tip it is for 1 reason only BCUZ U R A CHEAPSCAPE,BROKE ASS PIECE OF SCUM that’s downright SELFISH and that’s what this whole blog is truly about..It must of been on his conscious in order for him to come on here and try to justify why he doesn’t tip..And the handful that jumped on the vanwagon it just shows u r a follower and u will never be anything in this life ! That’s real talk ! U will remain having no friends sitting at home inventing blogs trying to make it seem like ur cool or something..UR NOT 1 OF THE COOL KIDS KNOW THAT AND OWN IT BCUZ WE ALREADY DO ! Let me tell you what is COOL…Cool is going and sitting in a restaurant tipping ur waitor appropriately and when I say appropiately I mean according to service..if u get shitty service don’t tip! But if u enjoyed ur experience tip appropriately DONT BE A DAMN DONKEYS ASS.!! .In ending I figured it out from the beginning..In the real world nobody respects you in fact they don’t even like you..you have a foul odor oozing from your pores. But it boils down to A POWER TRIP..THATS THE WORD OF THE DAY FOR THE NON TIPPERS. YOU GUYS HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU IN YOUR REAL LIFE..REALITY HAS RAPED YOU OF YOUR SELF ESTEEM AND THE ONLY TIME YOU HAVE ANY SAY SO IN THE MATTER IS THE 1 TIME WHEN UR PAYING YOUR BILL AND U HAVE THE OPTION TO TIP..FOR ONCE IT MAKES U FEEL LIKE U HAVE SOME CONTROL..LIKE MAYBE UR IMPORTANT..LIKE U NOT TIPPING UR PARENTS MONEY IS GOING TO MAKE SOME TYPE OF AFFECT ON THE GOOD ASS PEOPLE THATS DOING THEIR BEST TO PLEASE YOU..UR F@@KING PATHETIC! UR NOBODY AND U NEVER WILL BE…GO STICK THAT 2 DOLLARS IN UR GIRLFRIENDS ASS..WHY NOT EVERYBODY ELSE DID !!!!!!!!


      • nonTipper says:

        In reply to Truth

        “When u r hired in the hospitality industry they do tell you that u r making this low of a pay BUT THEN they go on to explain to u that with tips you have potential to do really well”

        “Bcuz that’s just how restaurants operate every damn body knows that.!!(IF U DIDNT U DO NOW) ”

        Newsflash – tipping is NOT required. Whether it is expected or not it DOES NOT MATTER. I expect to make 10 millions a year, yet… I am not. How restaurants operate is that they use you as a free labour and make the customer look like a bad guy.
        Do you tip when you go and buy groceries? How about clothes? Gas? Why not? You must be a horrible person and … apply your entire last paragraph to yourself. See how entirely ridiculous that is? And only because you were brain washed into thinking “it’s the norm”. US, for allegedly the best country in the world, sure as hell has some really backward, bribery (from one hand), extortion (from the other) and borderline legal “norms”.
        Why are you okay with being a free labour and relying on charity?! You must benefit more from tips and playing the victim like this than being a paid employee (can’t even believe i am writing a “paid employee” – how f-ed up is that!!)

        Since ALL tip defenders – restaurant owners and servers – ARE FOR tipping, my summary must be correct – you guys benefit from it – and customers are again screwed. Not only that, they think 18% (!!!!!!) is a standard tip. Every year percentage rises and every year customers are worse. 2025 – you are bad person if you are not tipping at least 70% :)
        Restaurant business is doing a really great job at brain washing who is the bad guy here. Congrats guys.

        Oh, and for such low skilled positions that require virtually zero education you are proving to be psychologists in the making. You all are coming up with profiles of what non tippers are. How about this one? People who use their brain?! Cheers and happy doing slave work for the good guys – restaurant owners.


    • Hi Redneck says:

      In reply to nonTipper

      This is really stupid. No matter how you slice it, the customer is paying for the employees salary. Businesses pay their employee salaries because customers pay them enough to do so. If tipping goes away, you will still be paying the employees salary. It will just be included as part of your bill. Whining about paying something you’d be paying anyway is pretty fucking dumb. But thinking clearly was never your strong suit, was it?

      Moreover, servers don’t make 100K and only pay taxes on 10K. Servers pay taxes on virtually everything they make in tips. The vast bulk of tips at most restaurants will be on credit cards. If you try to underreport those, the IRS will fuck you over. The IRS can also assume simply assume that you make at least 15%. You’re a know-nothing who is talking completely out of your ass.

      Whoever employs you should fire you for being a mental midget.


      • nonTipper says:

        In reply to Hi Redneck

        OMG, you must be a server. Or a really, really dumb restaurant manager. Then again, in that situation this propaganda would entirely serve you so maybe you are not that dumb, you just pretend.

        “Servers pay taxes on virtually everything they make in tips.”
        On….Moon? Or Pluto?! You are joking, right?

        EMPLOYER PAYS THE EMPLOYEE SALARY, NOT THE CUSTOMER!! CUSTOMER PAYS FOR THE SERVICE. SALARY != SERVICE. IT IS UP TO EMPLOYER TO DO WHATEVER WITH THE REVENUE – if they want to pay their employees in peanuts, that is between the employer and employee. To illustrate this better due to your limited comprehension skills, when you walk into a restaurant you are at Earl’s (restaurant name) and not Melinda’s (server name). Melinda can be easily replaced by Joanne or Anne. And the restaurant would be still Earl’s. So customer is doing a business with the employer (Earl), not the employee (Melinda, Joanne, Anne,…). Employee in this sense is simply a tool to deliver the service that the EMPLOYER (Earl) offers. Therefore, EMPLOYERS pays the EMPLOYEE.

        If you need me to draw this one for you, let me know.

        Are you really that dumb to think that it is a regular practice that you pay for the “full” service and then the company asks you for something extra (their employees salary)? Only in restaurant BS business. Because they can. Well so far. I am certainly not contributing to this BS practice. Especially because I am not required to do so in any capacity.

        Setting a price of $15 for a meal does sound nice. But that $15 is without tax and without employee salary. But how about electricity? A/C? Ingredients? Furniture? Supply chain management? Marketing? Rent? Why is only employee’s salary supposed to be paid aside and not other things? By supposed i mean “expected” and not “required”, just so we are clear.
        If the rent goes up or marketing was more expensive this month or it is warmer weather and a/c is used more or or or… food price can stay the same, but customer pays everything extra so they will just see all of that, right? ;) Dear lord.

        You do realize how infinitely stupid that would be? Speaking of “mental midget”, I think you need to start on 101 economics ASAP, my friend.

        Enjoy your server life and be very nice to your customers. You do rely on charity after all. Aside from learning a thing or two about economics, you also need to travel a bit and see that good old US of A restaurant billing practice is infinitely stupid for such an advanced country.


    • Wrong on every level you cheap bitch says:

      In reply to nonTipper

      Before you ask someone to use their head, how about you use yours. Customers benefit from this arrangement more than anyone else, except for maybe the owners, and I did the math to prove it. Servers are almost always paid the “minimum tip wage” which means restaurants are allowed to pay them $2 to $3 an hour because those tips are supposed to supplement or exceed the difference of the extra $4-$5.50 an hour. Some establishments, whether they are struggling or just starting out, pay the server a meager shift pay (anywhere from $10 to $20 for the whole shift) or even nothing at all, in which case the only income the server receives is tips alone. The reason food prices at your average restaurant are as low as they are is because of that minimum tip wage. Paying servers less lowers the price of your food. This benefits the customer and therein lies your requirement to tip. By paying less and saving money, you’re agreeing to tip, and guess what? You still save money in the end. According to standard of living studies and currency conversion rates,, the average 3 course meal for 2 people at a midrange restaurant in the United States is $50. In countries that don’t use the tipping system like China it equals $98. In French Polynesia it’s $75. In Switzerland it’s $106. In Australia it’s $80. In Denmark it’s $90. So even if you tipped 20% on the $50 bill in the United States, an extra $10, it would be cheaper than dining in other countries that pay minimum wage to restaurant employees. I’ve seen how the ass hole above places blame on the owners, stating that paying 12 servers a full minimum wage would equate (according to your calculations) to about $60 more an hour which you believe any restaurant could afford with just 4 tables paying an extra $5 an hour. Well it’s not hard to prove you a moron using your own math. First of all, 4 tables paying an extra $5 equals $20 you astounding dumb ass. Read this nice and slow, 4 x 5 = 20. You would need 11 tables to pay an extra $5. 5 x 11 = 60. Duh. How you missed something a 4th grader could figure out is beyond me. Furthermore, no restaurant is that busy every hour on the hour, every day. You would have to sustain an unbelievable turnover ratio to be that successful, which almost never happens. Let’s get to what you’re really saying though. $60 more an hour equals roughly $700 more a day, $5,000 more a week, and $260,000 more a year. No restaurant could handle that and turn a profit without jacking up their prices, so before you bitch, thank me for enjoying a cheaper meal.


      • Mike says:

        In reply to Wrong on every level you cheap bitch

        You really fail at logic… – he was talking about $60 more per hour for 12 waiters. Would you need 12 waiters for a restaurant with 12 tables? really?
        so, the real calculation is that IF a waiter takes care of 4 tables, then 12 waiters can take care of 48 tables. It is these 48 tables that have to make those $60 more! That means that the restaurant would have to make only $1.25 more per bill per table per hour. Most likely a restaurant with 12 waiters has much more tables than 48 as, as you mention, it will not be always full.


      • Still wrong. says:

        In reply to Mike

        None of this accounts for two very obvious things dick-bhagwad. What happens when the restaurant is empty? And, more importantly, what does it fucking matter when I showed you with irrefutable facts how in other countries with comparable economies that don’t use the tipping system THE FOOD IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE! EVEN IF YOU TIPPED 20% HERE, IT’S STILL LESS EXPENSIVE THAN IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHERE THEY PAY HIGHER WAGES BECAUSE THEY DON’T UTILIZE THE TIPPING SYSTEM. SO YOU, A JACKASS LIKE YOU, BENEFITS FROM LOWER FOOD PRICES, AND BY NOT TIPPING, NOT ONLY ARE YOU NOT PAYING THE SERVER THEIR EXPECTED SALARY, YOU’RE ESSENTIALLY STEALING MONEY AND SERVICE. The agreement is, you enjoy lower food costs because you’re supposed to tip. How would you like it if that guy who’s cock you just sucked on the street corner didn’t tip you for swallowing his load? You’d be pretty pissed wouldn’t you? Never mind. You enjoy it so much I’m sure it doesn’t matter.


  3. forgetatip says:

    I don’t tip period! Don’t know about other states but in NC it don’t matter cause at the end of the shift they have to split there tips and if its not enough the employer has to make up the difference.. Or at least that’s how it was 7-8 years ago.. Regardless though I have to work my ass off for my money so I be damned if I am going to give it to someone else just cause you took my order and MAYBE refilled my drink once if that.. Screw you get out and get a job that pays a regular wage if you don’t like it.. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up without a handout


  4. Hi Redneck says:

    If you want to be a once-and-done asshole, that’s fine. But when my servers let me know that you tipped them nothing the last time you came in, you’ll be informed that a 40% service charge will be added to your bill if you want to stay and dine. Otherwise, you can get the fuck out and find some other restaurant to fuck people over at. If you’re going to be a stupid idiot, you can find some other restaurant to be a stupid idiot at.


  5. Dan says:

    Not only do I expect 100% tip from you fucks, but a nice dick sucking & a compliment on my service.


  6. Brian says:


    If you don’t tip then the company is responsible to make up the difference. So lets get rid of the tipping system. Let the company add the 18% up front to your food cost and you pay it anyway and you don’t get a say in the matter.

    I wish there was a term like Lawyered but for logic. Think it over you cheap hack.


  7. Jesper Bech says:

    Guess I will be in a lot of trouble if I ever go to the US, because I wouldn’t even think to tip. I’m quite shocked to read some of these comments, where non-tippers are called assholes and stupid idiots simply for not tipping. Calm down already!

    Tipping is not a custom in Denmark where I come from. Sure, I’ve left a tip once in a while if the service was through the roof, but it’s in no way expected of you, if go out for dinner in Denmark. And tipping bartenders for selling you a beer? What’s up with that? Do you also tip employees at supermarkets? Or someone who sells you a pair of pants?

    In Denmark waiters and bartenders are paid a reasonable salary, and do not expect tips. They would NEVER spit in the food or otherwise lower the service in any way if not getting a tip. In fact they would quickly be left with a dried out mouth if they tried.

    Seems to me that the best solution is to just include the tip in the cost of the meal and pay the waiters a fair wage. That also eliminates the obvious tax fraud. But I guess in the end it’s just a culture thing.

    If I ever go to the US, I’ll be sure to bring lot’s of extra cash. How much is considered a reasonable tip? And who is eligible for tips?


    • Grace says:

      In reply to Jesper Bech

      A reasonable tip is anywhere from 10% to 20%, with 10 being very poor service and 20 or more being excellent. Typically the only people who are tipped are those in service jobs such as waiting, or even masseuses and hairdressers. I would much rather serve in a country where I was paid higher wages and didn’t depend on tips, but unfortunately that’s not how it is here.


  8. Grace says:

    You are a selfish, cheap, inconsiderate dick. I get paid $2.13 an hour. The fact that jackasses like you don’t tip will not increase my pay. I and the other servers I work with get paychecks that are less than a dollar. Half of servers in the U.S. have to rely on some type of government aid because of how little we make. We literally depend on tips to pay our bills and support families. If you are too cheap of an ass to not leave a tip, then you should not be going out to eat.


  9. Mark says:

    @nontipper..First I want to say I have been a restaurant server on & off for almost 15 years. I also agree with alot of what you said, & actually think its silly for people to swear and use nasty profanity because it proves your point, that servers are beggers. I do disagree on your logic and how you present yourself. Yes it is the big corporations like Darden, Brinker, Lettuce Entertain You, that own a majority of these casual dining establishments and it should be their responsibility to pay their employees a living wage…I think Europe and other places outside the U.S. have it right pay your people and then if service is incredible let the customer decide weather to throw that individual a few extra dollars. (T.I.P.S. to ensure proper service). The Problem is that the Laws in the U.S. allow these companies to use servers as “slave labor” thats what it really comes down too…servers can work for nothing and rely on the generosity of others or not have a job…yes the restaurants make it out so the customer is the bad guy…the same customer that we are supposed to give amazing service too so they come back and spend more money for the restaurant even if we get NOTHING!!! Its also not fair to blame race or culture (Indians dont tip in India why would they tip here??)…these are all hard lessons I learned over the years…so I can only say in theroy you might be right….but servers dont control government (yes they can vote, but you know what I mean) and if they try to stand up against the corporation itself, they will eventually be fired and replaced by an employee who isnt so “vocal”…but if you know all this already and you go into a place and get served and get everything you expect from a restaurant and dont tip…you do it knowing that your screwing over another person who is just trying to make a living just like you. So if thats the message you want to send then you cant be surprised or upset when people treat you poorly as well. If leaving that extra 18% bothers you so much, just go to the store and buy your pasta instead of going to Olive Garden or grill your own steak instead of going to Outback…leave that table open for somone who is a bit more generous and is willing to “follow the rules” so to speak.


  10. Yo says:

    Just out of curiosity, why is it expected to o tip waiters and waitress when they already make actual menial wage in California? Minimal wage here is $9/hrs. So, I don’t see the point in tipping if they’re making full minimal wage. I don’t see the reason to tip here if that is the case because tipping is only required for waiters and waitresses who make like $3/hrs. Perhaps I should stop tipping. I don’t tip anyone else who makes the same amount of money as well as doing hard work. Do I tip the hotel maid? No, she’s already making minimal wage (however that is expected too which I don’t understand). People are paid to do a job. This act of entitlement is disgusting. That people cannot even civilly debate without name calling. Why do you have to tip 20% anyway? Who the hell made up that rule? I certain have to be expected to tip THAT MUCH for someone just bringing me food and my drink. That is to expensive. It’s like paying for another person for dinner. This whole saying “If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to blah blah blah” is the reason why I don’t want to tip. People should not tell me what I should do with my money that I WORK FOR as well. I make $9/hr at my job but I don’t get tipped at all. I just do my job that I was HIRED to do. Nowadays you see tip jars everywhere as well. If you pay with a card you have to see a stupid tip line on there. How does making coffee deserve a tip? You don’t see anyone tipping McDonald. Or nursing assistants who work hard as hell and have to deal with body fluids and grumpy patients. Do they get tip for helping someone to the bathroom? No.It is part of their job. And it is a lot harder then being a waiter or waitress. You don’t have to worry about body fluids and cleaning up a mess that a patients make all over the hospital bed.

    I’m sick of it. I’m sick of worrying who should I or should I not tip. You are paid by someone to do a job! And in that job you’re suppose to do this or that and not expect anything but payment from your employer not the customer.


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