5 reasons why I won’t tip you if you’re a waiter

It never fails to shock me how a tip is demanded in the US. People simply refuse to listen to reason when we (yes, there are others!) tell them that leaving a tip isn’t necessary. Well, I’m hoping for too much here, but if you’re a waiter, here are 5 reasons why I will try my best not to give any money to you and why the reasons for tipping are crappy.

1. You act as if you’re my best friend

Just leave me alone ok? I don’t want to bloody chit chat with you. I want food. FOOD! Get it? It’s a restaurant. I go there to eat. I go because I want either Italian food, Chinese Food or something else which I can’t get in a McDonald’s. So I come to a restaurant to fulfill my cravings for it. I will pay for what I value – food. Not you.

Christ, you offend me – kneeling down next to my table, pretending to like me and chatting as if you’re my best friend when it’s obvious that all you’re after is the tip! I’m not a bloody money bag you know. I will pay the bill which includes the cost of the food, the environment and the salaries of the people involved – nothing more.

The only way to get money out of me that I don’t have to legally pay is by prying it out of my cold dead hands…

Bottom line: I don’t want to know your name, or interact with you for any longer than I have to in order to place my order. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the equivalent of a conveyor belt that brings me my food and a computer into which I input my order. Of course, I won’t be rude. But don’t expect me to interact with you any more than I would with some stranger.

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Did you earn this tip?


2. You don’t get paid enough

And this is my problem how exactly? It’s astonishing that customers are expected to make up for your employer’s cheapness in not paying you a decent wage. Please include the full cost in everyone’s bill thank you very much. I’ll pay it because I have to and the charge is there for me to see.

What’s really funny here is that no one seems to criticize the employers! All criticism is reserved for non tipping customers instead of the owners of the restaurant for not paying a decent wage. Wtf! Could it possibly be because you guys know you can make much more by tips and under report your income to the IRS?

3. You’ll spit in my food if I don’t tip you?

And I’ll shoot your kid if you don’t give me a million dollars. Seriously, am I even hearing this right? You’re actually using the threat of blackmail to make me pay you? Well as long as you’re openly claiming to be a criminal it’s all right I guess.

Fortunately that’s why I prefer buffets. Listen apart from it being illegal, this shows your poor integrity. But if you spit in someone’s food because they didn’t give you money you didn’t earn, then you’re a loser and deserve to be a waiter for the rest of your life.

4. Bringing me my food isn’t worthy of being paid extra

Did you cook it? Did you invent it? No. You picked it up and brought it to me. While it might not be easy, there are plenty of jobs which are much worse – shop floor workers for example. And I’ve been a shop floor manager, so I know. Face it – compared to other jobs, being a waiter is unskilled. You get paid what the market will think your services are worth. You don’t deserve more for your work over and above what your employer should pay you.

5. Money doesn’t grow on trees

I expect you to be grateful and pray for me at night if I tip you 10%. Be happy I gave you anything at all. I worked for the money in my wallet and by giving you some I didn’t have to, I’m doing you a favor. Learn to remember that when people give you something they don’t need to, it’s a favor. You don’t complain that they didn’t give you more!

By the way, the same thing above applies to all professions that demand tips including those on cruise liners.

So now that you understand why I won’t give you money you don’t deserve, stop with the “oh how could you?” attitude. I can. And I will.

Update: Here’s a rebuttal of the many silly justifications for tipping that people have given in the comments section.

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  1. Matthew says:

    You’ve obviously not had the opportunity to dine at any establishment where you would actually spend money. As a General Manager, I can assure you that type of behavior, not tipping without complaint to management, would guarantee you to be blacklisted from all future reservations and/or a 20% service charge/manager only service. We take pride in our work and take care to make sure our employees are taken care of. Enjoy your Applebees.

    • bhagwad says:

      Translation: I’m too cheap to pay my employees a decent wage and demand that you do it for me!

      • Randal says:

        I go to a nice restaurant and spend around $600. I should not have to tip the waiter for the simple job of putting my food on the table. Servers are worth about two dollars an hour. Making people feel guilty so that they have to tip is unacceptable.

        If servers want a living wage, don’t be a server. It is not even a real job. I was a server when I was 16 years old. It was the easiest most brain-dead job I ever had. Extremely simple and easy.
        I can’t stop laughing when I hear a server saying how hard their job is. Being a server is a good job for a kid that is too lazy to work at McDonald’s. Having to rely on the kindness of others for tips is very sad. Good thing I don’t give a crap about you. I am there for the food not to tip you.

      • charles says:

        Stfu Randall you lying piece of shit. Why the fuck do all these stupid people like you who are against tipping, come out of nowhere and say they spend 500, 600 or even thousand dollar dinners. Like how shitty of a liar are you, and how dumb do you think we are. Do you think we actually believe that you would spend 600 bucks on dinner and have the time to go on this bhagwad forum and tell people about it. Like cmon most people would tip you dumbass if you can afford 600 bucks then you can afford 15%. So for you Randall and other Internet “rich wannabes” who want to post about spending on expensive dinners ,don’t flaunt at the money you dont have and the hundred dollar dinners that you have never bought. Because clearly you can’t afford it and are just living the Internet fake rich life. So shut the fuck up Randall and stop bashing on hard working servers you ignorant lying shit. At 16 you couldn’t have been a server, for one you are slow and lack in common sense and second you dumbass you can’t serve alcohol you underage shit so stfu with your shitty as serving story. At 16 you were probably working at McDonald’s. There is a difference between that and a actual server at an actual restaurant not fast food restaurant which you worked at. So don’t classify yourself as server when clearly you were classified as a McDonald’s cashier.

      • Randal says:

        I am so sorry you are jealous of my wealth. I do not consider a $600 dinner flaunting my success. My definition of really making it in life is when I can afford the finer things and have the time to read blogs like this.

      • charles says:

        What finer things do you possess? A shit Chevrolet cavalier ? Your one bedroom apartment with your only friend which is a cat ? Stfu already Randall. You are not someone to be jealous of. You are nothing but a Internet faggot and who cannot prove your wealth. Smh at this kid lol

    • Daniel Stevens says:

      I wonder if Matthew would care to share with us which Applebee’s restaurant he is the manager of and if it is official company policy to blackmail their customers into tipping. I doubt he will, but I would like this to be addressed at the corporate level.

      • ant says:

        You are full of shit and a cheap bastard! Out plain and simple. You deserve nothing. You sure posting because someone I’d kind enough to bring you 17 diet cokes with your cheap ass. You are the bottom of the barrel of mankind. I don’t believe you go out very often it that you have an intelligent vibe in your body.

    • Mikelevine says:

      Lol sure Applebee’s guy, that’s exactly what your policy says. BS if you even tried that a customer would complain and you’d be back to collecting welfare you loser.

  2. Kayla Shelton says:

    The guy who me this is a piece of shit. Servers only get 3.63$ an hour and most shifts are about five to six hours long unless it’s a double which can be around eight hours. That’s about 120$ a week which is about 360-400 a month. How do you expect us to pay rent, car payments, insurance, utilities, groceries, gas etc. And yes we could get a different job but most of us are college students that have limited availability, restaurant jobs are as flexible as it gets. We also don’t “act like your best friend”, some us genuinely care about out customers and love having conversations with them. We know how hard we have to work and what it takes to make the customer happy and ensure that they come back in the sake of our business. Not to mention we bite our tongues for arrogant pricks like you.

    • Randal says:

      Nobody gives a shit about your insignificant problems. Let me play the world’s smallest violin for you.

      I am not your employer, so tipping you is not my problem. I don’t care if you make two dollars an hour. You are paid more than you’re worth. Your money problems or situation is of no concern to me,

      • ant says:

        It’s obvious that you are a jealous, low wage, piece of shit. No need to argue with you. Go back to your buffets and get s life instead of trolling your pathetic life away.

    • mikethejew says:

      bs, you make more with tips than minimum wage busboys and cooks do. Otherwise you wouldn’t fight against min wage for servers. Your whole agenda is try to get pity so you can continue to earn good money for a job that should be paid min wage.

  3. Sonia says:


    I’m working as a waitress in a bar. It’s not hard? Oh please! I work from 4 PM to 2 AM when it’s FULL of drunken idiots who yell at me, make comments about my looks and want everything RIGHT NOW. There were guys asking me to ‘have sex’ in the bathroom and when I tell them to FO, they say rude things to me. I’m ten hours on my legs, trying to serve everyone and I am still nice and polite to all of the costumers. And even though the bar works until 2 AM, they won’t leave and they stay there for two hours more. And I don’t get extra paid for it. I’m not even paid per hours. My salary is 8 euros a day! You think it’s enough for a 18-year-old girl whose mother is unemployed and whose father works all day: just to pay off his debts and buy some food? And I still have to go to college. Who’s going to pay for my rent and my scholarship? Me.

    And no, there’s not a choice. In my country, you can’t get a decent job if you don’t have a college degree. I can work as a waitress and that’s all.

    And no, it’s not easy. It’s one of the hardest jobs. Being up on your legs for more than 10 hours, dealing with all kinds of people, having to ignore your bosses’ stupidity, preparing all the drinks and being careful about the thieves… and still there are people who won’t pay your tips. Many people. It’s just rude. Try working as a waiter once and you’ll see how easy it is. But a real waiter, you know.

    I really can’t stand people like you. Heartless. Primitive.

    AND I’M NOT WORTH MY PAYMENT? How dare you? Do you know that my coworker fainted once because she was running around the bar for ten hours, and she didn’t even have the time to eat something? Do you know that my other coworker in another bar ended up in hospital because some stupid customer threw a glass at him ‘because he didn’t get a green glass but a white one’? Do you know how much stress do I suffer during one work day? And I almost ended up on the court once because I wanted to sue a customer who verbally abused me in a sexual way. But I STILL got over it.

    And it’s easy?!!!! And we’re not worth even 8 euros we get?

    I know that when I finish college and get a better job, I will give 50% tips to everyone in every cafe, bar, restaurant and co.

    • Raven says:

      Nobody cares about your problems. I am not your employer so I should not tip you. Your employer only pays you a small amount of money because that is all you are worth.

    • Common Sense says:

      Try working in an ER from 3PM to 4AM (usually overtime is added) with drunken idiots, wives who were beaten and won’t admit it, and other victims.

      “In my country, you can’t get a decent job if you don’t have a college degree. ” I don’t mean to offend you, but the reason your country is that way (I’m assuming you are in Europe) is because European nations are socialistic in nature. Maybe Germany is an exception.

      “Do you know that my coworker fainted once because she was running around the bar for ten hours, and she didn’t even have the time to eat something?”

      YOu know even ER employees faint when they see people releasing their bowel movements, urine, blood, vomit uncontrolled on the floor after not being able to take a lunch?

      10 hours on your legs? Try 10 hours on you legs in blood.

      Can nurses receive tips?

      BTW, 8 euros? That’s pretty decent. That’s almost $11/hour. Don’t complain. People here in the US make equivalent to about 4 Euros.

      If you don’t like it, find another job.

      • Gui says:

        You are really stupid. You can’t compare working in ER to being a server PLUS nobody insulted your job or said you were worthless like this other dumbass did. I don’t even know why you are arguing right now there is no reason to it.
        I am from Europe also and moved to the U.S. 8Euros doesn’t make 11dollars. 8euros is around 8 dollars if you compare the cost of living. So if she or he makes 8 euros/hour it’s like making 8dollars here in the US.
        I doubt you ever lived in Europe so don’t talk when you don’t know. Thank you.

  4. YeahItsAbe says:

    I GUARANTEE you’ve never told a single waiter what you’ve said on this blog. If you had, you’d have had a few things happen to you: 1.) Gotten your ass kicked, 2.) Been kicked out of the restaurant, or 3.) Had your food custom-prepared with input from numerous people.

    You’re an angry little person who thinks the world owes you something. You talk about how you don’t care about the problems that we have? To turn you on your head, we don’t care about the problem that YOU have when patronizing restaurants over and over. You think servers don’t remember? Please. As soon as you walk in the door you’re pegged and there is a plan to make your experience the WORST possible within guidelines (or out of them if it can be hushed). In fact, every server, hostess, cook, and manager would have you in their sights. There is a great thing my mother told me…”Don’t mess with people that make your food!”

    I’ve seen your pathetic and proudly ignorant blog over the past year or so and it baffles me that you can STILL hide behind the internet like a lil bitch and keep on with this ridiculous argument.

    I’m surprised that no one has internet-ally blacklisted you and posted your picture with a link to this site (backed up with screenshots) to warn servers of your impeding arrival. If all of this is how you really feel, fine. Being that as it may, those in the restaurant industry reserve EVERY right to NOT serve you…excuse me, “bring you your food.”

    Please, NEVER bring your ass into an establishment I work at or you WILL have the worst experience of your life and would IMPLORE you to blog about it. Not only would I bet my job on it, you can bet the satisfaction of treating you like shit as you have done to countless servers GREATLY outweighs the job itself. Fuck it. I wasn’t gonna be tipped ANYWAY, right?

    You’re such a pus*y…

    • Raven says:

      The only angry little bitch I see is you. You are the one that thinks the world owes them a tip. The world owes you nothing. You have an unskilled pathetic job that relies on the kindness of others.
      You are nothing and your little threats don’t scare anybody. Nobody gives a shit about your problems or your tiny little wage. The reason you are so upset is because you are nothing and have no future.
      You are jealous of all the people that can afford to go out to eat. Nothing you do is worthy of a tip or extra pay. Two dollars an hour is more than you are worth.

    • Gui says:

      Don’t bother. His ex was probably a server and now he is mad at them.
      So much hate is not normal. I know people that don’t tip and they are not a 1/4 as hateful as this guy is.
      I was astonished by his words and then I got it. It’s personal.
      And every time someone comments something making sense he says “it’s not my problem”. Then why do you blog about it?
      He is just a little insignificant guy that is trying to get a little bit of attention because his life is miserable so he tries to insult other people to feel powerful. Definition of a Loser.

  5. Will says:

    Alright, here we go. Waiting is a job. You can make any argument you want about how easy it is. It is still a job, so they should be paid at least minimum wage. In fact, you can argue that so many different jobs are easy and don’t deserve a living wage. I.E. pretty much any cubicle job where you spend half the day looking at funny pictures on the internet and the other half figuring out ways to make it appear as if you’re working. Next, waiting is not easy or, more correctly put, should not be easy. If you are a waiter and you think it is easy, then you are not a very good waiter. A waiter’ s job is not to simply deliver food from the kitchen to the table; it is to create a nice experience at that restaurant for the patron that chose it. This will include being a constant service to that table and any other table they have assigned to them. Believe it or not, they are doing quite a service for you. Now, some of your arguments would have women credibility if the point of going to a restaurant was simply to sit down, eat food and then leave. No, you go to a restaurant for the atmosphere. You go to eat good food, have a good time with your friends or family and enjoy a dinner that was made just for you. It’s the waiters job to make sure all of this runs smoothly. So if you are so uptight or socially uncomfortable with a stranger being nice to you, then order takeout, make your own dinner or go to a fast food joint. It doesn’t matter, but the point is, you can get food and not go to a restaurant. Also, what is this obsession with money?! Are you that broke or that obsessed that you can’t possibly give, I don’t know, five dollars to a cordial person who happily performed a service for you? I sincerely apologize to all the working waiters that found an empty table and also sincerely hope that you change your mind and take a more relaxed look on the world.

    • Raven says:

      I went to Ruth Chris for dinner last night and the bill came to a little over $150. Instead of putting a carafe of water on the table, they had a Waterboy. Every time he came over we had to stop talking because we like a small amount of privacy. Other than putting our food on the table, and bringing us two glasses of wine followed by dessert there was no service performed. So using your reasoning I’m supposed to give this person a 20% I feel guilty payment.

      The waiter tried to engage us in unnecessary conversation. Even made a comment that we are very quiet. I politely told her we were not there to have a conversation with her.
      I was on the phone in the lobby when the waiter interrupted me. Asked me if everything was okay because I didn’t leave a tip. I told her how dare you interrupt my phone conversation in the first place, and secondly nothing you did was worthy of a tip. You walked 50 feet from the kitchen to our table, should I be impressed? Then I told her the hired help should not speak unless they are spoken to. I told her I paid for my food I am not her employer now get lost.

  6. Kaysha says:

    I actually feel sorry for you. It must be miserable to be such a bitter and hateful person. What exactly gives you the right to judge someone’s worth? I have never been a server in my life and this post absolutely disgusts me. A server’s job is to work for YOU, the customer. They bring you food, drinks, listen to you probably complain, and then clean up after you. They are not your slave. They should paid and treated with respect. If your money is so important to you that you can’t leave a tip for someone who waited on you hand and foot then you should stay home and make your own dinner. I’m baffled as to how you even have someone in life to accompany you to dinner in public. With this kind of attitude, I’d be embarrassed. Again, it doesn’t matter what they are paid or what your idea of a “real job” is… the fact is someone just served you in every literal way. You say servers are demanding a tip that’s not deserved? Sounds like you are demanding customer service that is not deserved.

    • Raven says:

      Bringing me my food is not customer service. I order a car they have to bring it to me. I order a large appliance they have to bring it to me. They are just bringing me what I paid for there is no customer service involved.

      The waitress is financially and socially so far beneath me, I find it insulting that she would speak to me without receiving permission first. If you want to speak to me at work you need an appointment. The waitress wouldn’t make it past the first secretary. How dare she interrupt my phone conversation. I spoke to corporate offices about this. They gave me a $100 voucher for the next time I decide to dine there again. Bottom line the waitress is never to inconvenience the customer or demand a tip.

  7. too funny says:

    Reading all of the comments talking shit about servers….notice how they’re all saying the same thing, same language, same name – calling and insults. Bet u all the tips I make tonight that it’s just the dumb pathetic original blogger responding to all of the comments under various names. Who has time to do that?? And even if they had free time to Internet blog and use fake names over and over just to talk shit…what person with an actual life would actually want to waste theirs doing that? Obviously someone with no social life. Hence the hatred over “servers acting like their best friend”. I’ve never acted like any of my customer’s best friend. I bartend, so my customers actuallt strike up conversations with me because I’m a social and outgoing person. My regulars become my friends. I don’t care that one asshole leaves zero tip, you’ll never see me shed a fucking tear cause for every cheap ass, there’s that customer that tips me 50%…or 100%. They do that cuz they like me. In return every time they come back their drinks get poured stronger. And for every drink of theirs that gets poured stronger, the cheap jerks that come in will get stiffed on theirs. It all evens out.

    How many comments have been posted regarding “waiters get paid more than they deserve” and “you don’t deserve a tip just by walking 50 feet from the kitchen”, or “I’m not tipping just because you put the food on my table”, and flaunting fake wealth? IT’S THE SAME FUCKING PERSON. You don’t fool me. If u want to use fake names just to appear that many ppl agree with you…U gotta come up with new insults and arguments. Using the same generic insults over and over under different names really gives you away. How many times did you describe serving as a “brain dead” job? How many times did you mention that you only need to pay the menu price? And on and on about your stupid glasses of wine. Nobody cares if you hate servers and think you’re above them. That’s why you have to keep on replying under different names to create drama. Don’t wanna tip? Then don’t. If you ever came into my bar and didn’t tip, next time you come in I’ll still serve you. Won’t be any good and you’ll be lowest priority, but I’ll still do my job. Because again, there’s plenty of customers that give their bartenders 50 to 100%. That shit happens to me all the time. It’s called being a likeable person. If people like you, they’ll do nice things for you. I’m sorry you don’t understand that concept so you have to be an Internet troll with fake identities. I don’t beg for tips. Never. They’re given to me because people want to. And when I see a zero on the top line…that’s fine with me. I’ll think you’re an ass but then get on with my other customers. You don’t matter.

    To all fellow servers and bartenders…we don’t need to waste our time describing what we do or defending ourselves to this douche. It’s the same troll over and over using all different names, acting as male/female. Arguments are all the same. Don’t waste your time. Anyone who spends their life doing this is far below us and pretty much anyone in normal society. Haters are gonna hate. So let this guy dude keep on spewing hate. I didn’t even get offended by this, I just laughed at it. Hahaha

  8. Fran says:

    All you waiters and waitresses are worthless unskilled people. Doesn’t make sense that I’m supposed to give you a tip because you fetch like a dog and bring me the food. I just don’t get it. You do nothing special putting my food on the table. I have no respect for you you’re worthless. And your greedy bastards because all you do is beg for tips when this is just a minimum wage or less fake job.

  9. Dan the man says:

    You know you really fucked up in life if you have to wait tables for a living. I don’t feel sorry for you dumb bastards. If I feel angry I go to a restaurant and make one of you my bitch. I just leave you a mess with no tip. When I leave it feel better. I don’t have a great job, but it sure makes me feel better to know that people like you are still under me.

  10. Edward says:

    How I became a waiter for real. I was never good at anything at all. Graduated high school with a GED never did much of anything. Got fired at Best Buy because I didn’t want to take the time to learn anything about the stuff we sell. Worked at a gas station but I got fired because I couldn’t make change properly.
    Got a job in a restaurant as a dishwasher busboy. Some waiters called in sick because they were hung over. So started my first day as a waiter. Wasn’t very hard all I had to do was ask them what they wanted to eat and bring it to them. And when they left they would leave you money. It was more money then minimum wage. I like the extra money cause I got no way of making money like doing anything else. I don’t really get why people leave money after they eat I don’t care why. I just like the extra money.

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