Islamic Terrorism in India is a complete myth

Everyone knows that India is a target of Islamic terrorism right? Listening to the news hype or the blog conversations on pro-hindu sites (that’s not an insult btw), you can’t help but feel that the Muslim extremists are taking over India and bombing innocent men, women and children all over the place every day. But there’s one teensy little problem with this scenario.

Islamic terrorism makes up less than 9% of all terror incidents in India! And almost all of it is in the Kashmir region.

Now that can’t possibly be true right? I mean what about all the terrorist blasts in 2009 in the rest of India? Except that there were none. Yup, that’s right. Not one damn terrorist attack in India in 2009 outside of Kashmir that we can attribute to Islamic fanatics.

How do I know this? While researching data for a reply to a blog comment – see, I do the research :) – I found that the US government has set up a worldwide terrorism tracking system which gives a wealth of information regarding terrorist attacks globally. It’s free, publicly accessible, and users can filter by country, date range, type of terror attacks, casualties, groups responsible, location within the country, generate heat maps, get victim data and many more options and you can mix n match to get the exact info you’re looking for.

It turns out, that the majority of terror attacks in India is carried out by the Naxals. Here is the complete map of terrorism in India in 2009. A total of 703 attacks.

Terror attacks in India - 2009

Terror attacks in India - 2009

When you filter by “Islamic Extremism”, the map changes to this with the number dropping to just 63. I got a bit of a shock on seeing this really.

Islamic Terrorism in India - Where is it?

Islamic Terrorism in India - Where is it?

Ouch..where are all the Islamic bombings? You know, the “terrorists” which our government is trying so hard to save us from. The terrorism which has every citizen in India in a funk afraid of their own shadow. It’s in the damn Naxal belt that’s where – go get em!

But please stop this crap about Islamic militants. Yeah, it happens now and then but hardly kills anyone. Not that we Indians particularly care about lives being lost. Otherwise we would have done something about train accidents in India which have already killed 285 people in this year alone.

Of course, this robs people of the satisfaction of blaming all violence in India on the Muslims. Hopefully at least some people will take note.

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  1. The real Myth is that mohamad was a prophet of God and that the quran was his spoken words
    Dickwad you really did not respond to all the bombings and killings by muslim pigballsuckers listed and posted by oneDHARMAmovement. what can you say? lets see what the count will be in another 2 years. go ahead try to justify the destruction caused by this “religion”.
    The real Myth is that mohammad was a prophet of God and that the quran was his spoken word


  2. Another Muslim apologist. I don’t see why the cases should be negated or why the threat is not there just because it is constricted to the places mentioned. In Islam, a non-Muslim is an infidel. That is why there are acts of terrorism in every part of the world and it is no co-incidence that the terrorists are mostly Muslims. The classic MF Hussain argument. Try drawing a naked or even a pic of their prophet. It is a religion of barbarians and the Quran is nothing but a politically motivated text. It is just that some Muslims are sensible enough not to buy into that crap. They still wont speak against terrorism and in fact most of them support it because of the political nature of Islam.


  3. Bharat Putra says:

    Bhagwad good research, no human is evil and a terrorist when born, it is his or her up bringing and surrounding what makes him or her. to an extent i feel islam or the followers of it are on a wrong track. this country has been already raped by the Moguls and the Britishers for many decades, the people of this country have, will and should not forget and forgive this. If that one mistake would have not been made our country would have been a super power by now.
    The mistake of allowing the muslims to stay back in this country, they should have been asked to go to their so called pakistan. their would have been a lot of blood shed in both the countries at that time but it would have been for the last time. Today’s pakistan would not have dared to even stare at India “Bharat” and even if they had our country or politics would not have hesitated to take a stern step.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat


  4. Bharat Putra says:

    The conditions are going to be very bad and scary in coming years. Taking into account the mob which created havoc at CST – destroyed the Amar Jawan Jyoti, the number of mob-people who gathered for supporting Owasis speech. Not all of the muslims in this country are to be blamed but the number of them who are real mental-religiously mad is threatening. I didnot see a single politician condemning about the destruction of Amar Jawan Jyoti, not even heard a single work from MNS chief Raj Thakre !
    This country is in real danger of getting attacked from outside and inside, we are on brink of that and the day is not far this will happen.The hindus will be butchered to a end and the country will come to the worst economic level. The hindus will sit back in their home with their families as they will never get down on the road and meet their own end. So get and be prepared for the assult.


  5. Random Indian says:

    Bhagwad mentioned in somewhere here

    “Jesus himself tells people to follow the barbaric old testament in clear terms. Over there, all these lovely things happen – rape, murder, sex with children, incest, torture, loot.

    As for bathing eating, sleeping etc, the Bible lays down detailed rules in a chapter called “Leviticus.” Amongst them is a rule even saying you should kill your neighbor if you find them working on Sunday! It talks about what to do with women having their periods, what they should wear, how to discipline children and what not.”

    You clearly didn’t read the bible correctly. The Mosaic Law in Old testament is a collection of over 600 statements which is meant for the welfare of Jews ONLY, and it did not encourage forced conversion. It prohibited rape, murder, incest (specifically a whole 18th chapter in Leviticus) and have a huge impact on the present day conservative christian values. Jews where given special consideration by Jehovah due to the promise he maid with the righteous Abraham. The primary reason why they had a system of laws and regulations was to keep them free from superstitious practices and false worship. Later, they would receive the Promised Land as an inheritance, with the assurance of divine help against their enemies. Their part of the covenant called on the Israelites to keep Jehovah’s Law. The Israelites willingly accepted this condition, saying: “All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do.” However later they failed to keep the covenant and therefore the special relationship opportunity was expanded to all people who believe in Jesus. Jesus give principles behind the Mosaic law rather than emphasizing any specific law. For example he said whoever look to a women with a desire to have sex commits adultery in his heart. Also the bible explicitly teaches no matter what religion or race people come from God is impartial to whoever walk righteously. It also says all people who died in past unless they were wicked will be given a second chance by resurrection on this same earth were a paradise will be restored.

    The bottom-line is the Bible never encourages violence towards innocents. I agree that the Christians and Jews regardless deviated a lot from the Bible and is responsible for huge amount of Sin. However through out the centuries there has been sincere people who struggled to follow what Jesus’ said. A modern day example is Jehovah’s Witnesses.


    • In reply to Random Indian

      You’re making the mistake of thinking the bible is consistent. Sure, Jesus said nice stuff but that doesn’t detract from the fact that there’s also a lot of horrible things in there too.


  6. bhagwad plz. change your name to “vagabond” suits you better -why ? because you have so little knowledge about the subjects you write on-it simply is murderous to take up the monicker of “bhagwad” from “Bhagwad Gita” the holy book of the hindus which contains answers to every problem an individual can face in life.
    Your limited knowledge is reflected in your depiction of the naxalites- you call them terrorists again and again -but do you know who the naxalites really are?
    Assume for a moment that you are an uneducated, poor farmer, living in an interior village where electricity has not yet been seen by anyone. You get married, bring the bride home and that very night the landlord(zamindar) forcefully picks her up and rapes her repeatedly, you are beaten up by his henchmen for protesting. You find no trace of your wife the next few days, all this while you are also trying to get some money somehow to go to the nearest town to get help from the police. Next day your wife’s dead body surfaces in the village pond. You immediately arrange her funeral and set out for town, travelling mostly on foot about 12-20kms until you reach the highway and board a public bus. In the town the police station refuses to write your FIR you sit there begging for help only to be driven away by the police. Disheartened you return home and cry all night. The landlord now knows that you complained to the police-he in turn sends some money about Rs.2000 to the CI and lodges an FIR against you on charges of murdering your own wife -the police promptly arrive and arrest you from your house in the scuffle grieviously injuring your ailing mother. On the way to the police lock-up while travelling in the police jeep the constables joke about what will happen to you now. Your survival instincts kick in-you are no longer docile- on the highway you aggresively fight againt the cops and escape into the jungle. You go back to your house only to see your mother dead and your property taken over by the landlord to even up his wasted Rs.2000. That night in a fit of rage you enter the landlord’s house and kill him while he is sleeping and run away with his gun-next day the police issues posters of you declaring -A NAXALITE is on the loose.!! You call that Terrorist???
    Go and interview the naxalites you will find similar stories by the truckload. They are wronged people who have lost faith in democracy, government and civil society. Indulging in crimes just to assert their existence, by the way the islamic instituitons across the border in Bangladesh supplies arms to them so that naxalism never dies out in India.
    Do some thorough research on the ground before you write bullshit, please.


    • In reply to bastav

      I call a terrorist anyone who hurts, kills, and intimidates innocent people systematically. If your naxals only restricted their revenge to those who actually hurt them, then you have a point. But they also blow up railway tracks and kill innocent people.

      That, my friend, is a terrorist.


  7. The author of this piece is blissfully unaware of the facts! Alas, if only he knew that all the explosive substances, Assault rifles, IEDs, and other instruments of destruction unleashed by terrorists (including Naxals) in India are either directly or indirectly sent in from Bangladesh or Pakistan (via Nepal), also through Myanmar originating from Bangladesh. the author is looking at the muzzle of the gun to count the number of shots it has fired but is overlooking the number of rounds expended from the Magazine!! What logic…wow!! Please go through the entire chain of command and supply of Terrorists in will know what we are alarmed at. FYI – The Most Wanted terrorist ganglord of India is residing in Karachi,Pakistan,given safe haven by ISI and state of Pakistan; the second most notorious terror ganglord resides in Bangladesh protected by Bangladesh Intelligence and underground groups! Many such examples abound…plz. do the homework before posting such irresponsible comments…


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