Against Tipping – My First Post to Cross One Thousand Comments :)

There are a bunch of posts on my blog that invite a lot of controversy. A lot of them have to do with debating right wing stuff. Surprisingly however, the most commented on post has nothing to do with India. It talks about my dislike for tipping as demanded in the United States. A few days back, that post crossed 1000 comments. The first to do so.

It’s a simple premise really. Waiters say they don’t get paid enough and so we should tip. I say it’s not my problem, that I’m not their boss, that they’re hired by the restaurant and my interaction is with the restaurant alone. I couldn’t care less about their woes. This doesn’t mean that I view serving as a menial job or that waiters are somehow “lesser” than any other profession. On the contrary, by treating them the same way I treat everyone else I’m showing my respect and regard for them.

This particular post of mine has been reproduced on waiter sites and pro tipping sites like and I’ve got legions of visitors from those sources lambasting me for cheating waiters etc. Some of them tried to “shame” me into removing the post. My picture and Facebook account etc are all freely available. As I wrote earlier, I don’t mind being abused and so use my real name while blogging. “Shaming me” is not going to work.

I wonder if any other post of mine is ever going to get the same amount of attention that this one got :)


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  1. christine says

    Just because you wrote some awful blog, that was so full of ignorance and stupidity that it irritated nearly every one who read it, does not make you talented. It was written poorly and held no value whatsoever. I browsed your other blogs. Uninteresting and poorly structured. Way to publish another piece of garbage that took time away from my life that I will never get back.


    • Bartender J says

      In reply to christine

      You are a fucking idiot. Going out to eat is a form of entertainment. You pay for that entertainment. You are perpetuating the stereotype that all people from India are cheap and either don’t tip appropriately or not at all. I have Indian friends whose parents immigrated to the US and they can’t stand fucktards like you because your behavior makes all Indians look bad. This is part of American custom. I would love for you to come to my bar. Ever seen fight club? That’s the shit I would do to your drink.


  2. Not surprised that your philosophy on this is essentially casteism – as opposed to acknowledging the intrinsic value of people. You try to mask it with very poor and laughably cold logic (seriously, I laughed at how ridiculously un-human you sound). The real problem is far too apparent, and it is you. Your outdated philosophy of hate will continue to crumble across the world – and already is doing so in India, rapidly – until it is nothing. All trends point to this; you’ve already lost.

    And I say that quite smugly, because you can’t stop the love, baby.


  3. Tip or go home, smug bastard ;)


  4. You are, a piece of shit. We are not homeless. Or beggars. Or a fucking charity. You can keep your 5 dollars, your 10 dollars.
    Self absorption is unfortunately a small rare disease that selfish close minded assclowns like your self, suffer from.
    You posting this LIVE for the world to read may justify other people in their attitude toward one of the most lucrative and largest forms of income for MILLIONS of Americans and others around the world.
    The service industry can be basic .
    Others make more money than you do. And that’s because they are PROFFESIONALS.
    Comitted to the ART of Fine Dining Service.

    I’m going to post your picture to waiter forums. So the WORLD WILL SEE WHAT AN ASSHOLE LOOKS LIKE.
    Let’s see if you will in fact get up and put it in the system and bring it to your own table. Cheers.


    • In reply to Beau

      I don’t understand why the waiters/waitresses in the US don’t make complaints to their employers for giving them such a low wage. In Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc, tipping is definitely not the norm. When I first went to a restaurant in the US, I didn’t know that I was supposed to tip. Now I would do it but I needed to order cheaper food so that I can tip the waiter $2 to $3. However what confused me is that — why the basic services of the waiters and waitresses deserve a tip? Isn’t this part of their scope of work? We don’t tip teachers even though they need to correct students’ exercises or grade papers after school. We don’t tip bus driver even though they greet us when we get on the bus or ask for directions. I think the restaurant employers should raise their workers’ salaries rather than rely on the customers to help them paying their workers’. However it is interesting to see that most of the poeple here (even people who are working as waiters/waitresses) don’t blame the employers but feel upset for customers who don’t tip or against tipping.


  5. lol


  6. we love america says

    Go back to your own country??? We dont want or need you here. You do nothing for us. You dont deserve to be here. You came here for a r3ason. Get out, we dont care.


  7. I would love to see you serve tables and do what all waitresses and waiters so cuz ill put all my tips on it you will not be able to…people that think like you are fucking stupid and shouldnt have an opinion on anything in life…servers live off there tips just like you live off of you hourly wage at work so for you to even think something like this makes you a fucking dumbass…and first off our employers dont pick how much a server makes! Its by law that we make that much cuz we get tips you if you dont want to tip your serve please go to a drive through to eat cuz if you go to a restaurant n dont tip i will guarantee the next tjme you go into that restaurant no one will serve you! And being a single mom myself and server and seeing you say stuff like that makes me fucking sick…if you were to stay some stupid ass shit like you have in your articles to my face i would hit you so fucking hard cuz your a fucking dumbass piece of shit…you dont want to tip stay the fuck out of our country then


    • In reply to D

      You don’t have to tip. Your employer pays you to serve That is part of your job. Stop thinking you’re entitled to more just for doing a job that you’re ALREADY BEING PAID FOR. If you don’t like it, find another job that pays more. Maybe you should go to a country where waiters and waitresses are paid more. :P Is it really hard to type properly? Calling someone a name isn’t even debatable at this point because you have no grounds. Name calling and telling someone to leave the country is not a valid argument.


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