Challenging an “Islamist” to Kill Me :D

Everyone these days is afraid of the scary Islamists. Well, here’s a big “fuck you” from my end. (Click to enlarge)   I will not be intimidated.

Why I Admire Convenience Loving Americans

The biggest difference between Americans and Europeans, is that the Americans strive for convenience, and are not willing to simply accept life’s difficulties. To my mind, that is praiseworthy.

How I Escaped the Tyranny of Food with Soylent

This is what my fridge looks like now. After 33 years of struggling to cook, clean, and eat, I’ve finally found the solution to the inconvenience of hunger! Now when I go out to eat, it’s because I WANT to enjoy a social experience. It’s not because my stomach is making demands of me.

No one Understands What “Readymade” Means :(

People just don’t understand what “readymade” means anymore.

My Net Worth Hits 50 Lakhs! Retire in 3 Years?

A full breakdown of my net worth which has finally crossed Rs. 50 Lakh. I think I can finally start looking forward to my retirement!

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica – What was I Thinking?

I’ve always wanted to jump from heights, so I went bungee jumping in Costa Rica. It was the single dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

Dear Indian Parents: Control your Annoying Kids

Compared to Americans, why do Indian parents let their kids run wild?

Despite Maggi, Ready to Eat is Awesome!

Ready to eat foods are the future. Maggi is not a wake up call – just a step towards improvement.

Nepal Earthquake – Why Don’t I Feel Anything?

The Nepal Earthquake is a terrible tragedy. I feel nothing.

The Apple Watch Inspired me to Buy a Mechanical Watch!

Why I was inspired to buy a mechanical watch instead of a smartwatch.