Male equivalent of “Bitch?”

My wife has often complained that a woman can be called a bitch, but there’s no equivalent word in English for men. It seems that “bitch” is a particularly nasty word to apply to women, and I can’t deny the truth of this. Here goes:

“You Bitch!”

Alternative to "Bitch" - what does one call a man?

Alternative to "Bitch" - what does one call a man?

See how it kind of explodes on the lips? The tone is important – you gotta put all your effort in the “bi” part and mix it with appropriate scorn and loathing. The end result is something that is unique, remarkably pejorative, and when appropriately applied, dare I say it, deeply satisfying?

It’s kind of unfair to men that no similar word exists in the lexicon for them. What can you call a guy? An asshole? A dick? Faggot? The last one is pretty nasty, but unfortunately I end up judging the person who uses it rather than the person it’s aimed at. None of these words really encompasses the full impact. Let’s say that one more time:


I’ve heard some women on TV call men “You Rat” with quite good effect. But it seems you need to have the right personality to pull it off. I can’t imagine a quiet but effective “You rat.” But if you want to use “Bitch,” the possibilities are endless.

So those of you who haven’t faced this problem, educate the rest of us. What do you use for swearing at men with the same effectiveness as “Bitch?”

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  1. R. Schweizer says:

    A further one, very related came into my mind. How about “son of a bitch” ?

  2. Kevin London says:

    The word you are looking for is bastard.

  3. seantrevor says:

    Hi! I’m an effeminate, gay inclined guy and have been the ‘bitch ‘ of many men. I DO NOT find the word ‘bitch’ insulting for men . The word actually gives me a turn on!! And some of my men have called me ‘bitchprince’!!

  4. From an objective point of view, there are many equivalent words for ‘bitch’ that refers to men. Asshole, jerk, dog and what not. In fact, calling someone an ‘asshole’ is far more derogatory than calling a woman a ‘bitch’.
    However, the reason why they aren’t *emotionally* equivalent is because men are not equally affected if an expletive is thrown as us. It is a part of our social conditioning, the social expectation that we be tough actually *makes* us more resilient to social shaming tactics. Women can come up with the worst and the most offensive expletive thrown at a men and once it is used a lot – it simply loses its ‘sting’.
    Personally, I don’t use the word ‘bitch’. It is too easy and I am not sure it ‘stings’ that much anyway – given that these days, a lot of women regard bitch with the same nonchalance that men regard the word ‘asshole’. Very unsatisfying, especially if you strongly desire and intend to cause someone emotional pain. If I want to insult a woman or a man, I usually prefer to get more creative – a power packed comeback in a way that he/she leasts expects it; one that leaves them gasping for air.

  5. The male equivalent of bitch = creep.
    It has the same extentuary effect as the slur ‘bitch’ – it implies seething sexual undesirability.

  6. ashley says:

    I often wondered this!
    I started to comment-reply, but ended up writing a novel, so I put it on my site.
    In short, the best comeback is to make an honest man of the dude, become the bitch, and unleash your inner untamed shrew on him:
    have a beautiful day!

  7. Chris says:

    There is no real equivalent to bitch for guys because guys, oftentimes, don’t take offence to a lot of the things girls do.

  8. nah says:

    I think “Fuckboy” goes well.

  9. laurel says:

    calling a Guy a bitch is just as affective as calling a chick a bitch if not more its kinda like calling them a pussy, or a joke maybe, ya know. it can lower self asteam in men. if said correctly.

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