US Businesses Challenge Global Warming in Court!

We had seen earlier how most Americans don’t believe in Global Warming, and I had gotten some pretty interesting comments including a typical American who put forth arguments claiming that human induced Climate Change isn’t real.

Now in a natural extension of this attitude, a coalition of American businesses are challenging Climate Change scientists in court, trying to show the public that Global Warming is false. This is typical of American corporations who try and skew public opinion by manufacturing “doubt” as to what is true in science in order to further their own goals.

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American Corporations fuel Climate Change denial
American Corporations fuel Climate Change denial

I for one, welcome this. It is going to be pleasant watching them crushed. What is amusing however, is that the final decision will be taken by a judge – a non scientist, whereas there is already a global consensus of scientists on the issue. Those familiar with their history will recall the Scopes Trial in 1925 when a science teacher was caught “illegally teaching evolution.” This will be only the second time in history where something like this is happening. The Scopes trial was in the United States as well. Coincidence?

It’s not surprising that American corporations are taking this step as the Government has woken up and realized that it can’t remain in denial about Climate Change any longer, and as a result have introduced legislation that will force these corporations to clean themselves up. Well, bring it on! Let’s watch this farce die a public humiliating death, and then we can finally get on with trying to save the planet if it’s not too late already.

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3 thoughts on “US Businesses Challenge Global Warming in Court!”

  1. Bhagwad,
    Thats an intresting news. It shows how ignorant we want to be of our deeds. We are sitting on a fireball, still we dont want to wake up to the reality that we will burn ourselves to ash anyday.

    Do keep updating us on the fate of this case.


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