How Patents stifle and go against Human nature

Coming to the US has introduced me full force to the Patent system prevalent in the country. “Intellectual Property” as it is called rules large aspects of America’s legal system. Almost anything can be patented – right from software, to hairstyles (as my wife told me), to business practices. Coming from a country where such things don’t enter most people’s minds, I’ve been able to observe it from outside, and have realized that it’s contrary to the very thing that makes humans special.

It’s a travesty and an insult to the natural behavior of humans and goes against the very impulse that has propelled humanity to the top of the food chain. Don’t believe me? Read on!

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Patents standing in the way of Combating Climate Change

As we approach the Copenhagen conference in December 2009, we’re finding a divide between developed countries like the US and developing countries like India and China. This is because rich nations want poorer countries to commit to drastic carbon emission cuts that the latter are unwilling to do without assistance. Clean Technology and Intellectual Property … Read more

US Businesses Challenge Global Warming in Court!

We had seen earlier how most Americans don’t believe in Global Warming, and I had gotten some pretty interesting comments including a typical American who put forth arguments claiming that human induced Climate Change isn’t real. Now in a natural extension of this attitude, a coalition of American businesses are challenging Climate Change scientists in … Read more