Climate Change – The Arrogance of Skepticism

Why you shouldn’t try to “find out the truth about Climate Change” for yourself. There are much better ways to use one’s intelligence.

Myth of the Environmentally Irresponsible Indian

How it’s false that we Indians are unconcerned about the environment we live in

Climate Change – I've given up and lost hope

I can’t realistically hope any more. We’re all gonna die and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Read to find out just how badly we’re screwed.

Poor people must die first – so says an Economist

Exposes the thinking of an Economist who feels that more toxic waste must be dumped in developing countries since the lives of poor people are worth less than those of rich people

Giving away Green technologies – way to go!

Shows how an Indian company is giving away its Green Technology for free for others to use and compares this to how a western company would behave by enforcing its patents and raising the price

Hari Batti's Musings on Malls – A holistic picture

As Hari Batti goes shopping, he takes a look at fancy malls and examines their impacts on the environment, the job market, and society in general

Want to Pollute? Pay for it

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that a business must either pay to clean up it’s pollution or shut shop. The Noyyal River has been polluted for generations by textile factories who must now pay the full cost of it’s clean up.

The Environment? It’s not just us!

Tries to show how we must look beyond just Humans when discussing the Environment and climate change. I try and show with pictures that we share the earth with other animals and that we don’t have a right to just use whatever we want no matter what the cost.

How Patents stifle and go against Human nature

Patents and Intellectual Property are concepts that have destroyed the very qualities which humans need in order to survive – mimicking, copying, and freely learning from the inventions of others.

Patents standing in the way of Combating Climate Change

As we approach the Copenhagen conference in December 2009, we’re finding a divide between developed countries like the US and developing countries like India and China. This is because rich nations want poorer countries to commit to drastic carbon emission cuts that the latter are unwilling to do without assistance. Clean Technology and Intellectual Property […]