A "Green Party" in India? It's about time!

I really feel it’s time India had another viable party apart from the Congress. The BJP is not really an option as long as it continues with it’s hindutva agenda, disrupts parliament, and keeps inducting people into the party based on seniority instead of merit. For a democracy to work properly, people must have real […]

The Real cost of Natural Resources

Explains how we need to start paying the real cost of extracting natural resources from the earth in order to create sustainable processes

US Businesses Challenge Global Warming in Court!

We had seen earlier how most Americans don’t believe in Global Warming, and I had gotten some pretty interesting comments including a typical American who put forth arguments claiming that human induced Climate Change isn’t real. Now in a natural extension of this attitude, a coalition of American businesses are challenging Climate Change scientists in […]

So Many People don’t believe in Global Warming!

Back in India, Global Warming (or shall we say human induced climate change? Nah – Global Warming is easier) is a big concern. Just about everyone accepts that it’s happening and that we need to do something about it – even to the extent of cutting down on lifestyle excesses. This understanding of how man […]

Manually Removing Carbon Dioxide from the air

Some of the latest efforts in finding out how to reduce Climate Change focus on how to manually take Carbon Dioxide out of the air instead of how to avoid releasing it. While there’s no reason not to try to do both, there’s good reason for this approach. We release CO2 from millions of little […]