Reaching out to the far right – start of a dialogue

We all blog in gated communities. Not by choice, but it happens that way. We mostly read those people whose views we agree with. As a result on most personal blogs, the comments on each post read something like this:

  • You’re so right!
  • I couldn’t have said it better!
  • I agree completely
  • etc etc…

But what are we doing really? A lot of us blog on issues that matter to us. And I’d like some change to come about as a result of that. But it can’t happen if the only people I engage with are those who already agree with me! I need to go out, and talk to those who disagree with me. That way, I can learn how they really feel and get to understand them.

Fundamentally, I believe that everyone is decent and wants to do the right thing. I won’t go and take a superior attitude. I go with the intention to talk – with the understanding that we’re all decent folks. That way, I hope to not only get some of my main ideas across, I seek to understand why they feel the way they do. If I do that, perhaps some of my own opinions will change. And I’m willing to let that happen if it’s a better opinion based on logic. So here goes…

I started with this right wing post. The basic idea of the post is that Muslims and Christians are ganging up on Hindus to fight them. I made an honest attempt to engage in dialogue with those who commented in an attempt to understand where they’re coming from. It wasn’t easy – there were lots of ad hominem attacks on me questioning my education, my character, my motives etc.

One person even asked me why my blog has posts from 2006 when my domain name was registered only in 2008! When I explained that I was blogging on blogspot and migrated all my posts, this was the reply:

“That explains it man. The seeming timing mismatch of your blog posts is wonderfully explained just as I thought it would be. Though if I were you I’d have retained blogspot also, for record’s sake.”

54 comments later, I’m still trying to reach a proper dialogue with those are interested. But in spite of this, there were many cogent responses and some were partially cogent. From what I was able to understand these are the main points (I’m not passing judgment on any of these opinions as of now – I just want to understand):

  1. They feel that Muslims and other minorities are a threat to Hindus
  2. Minorities are trying to eradicate Hindu culture
  3. They feel that the “Liberals” and the “sophisticated intellectuals” forgive the Muslims anything but severely criticize any violation by a Hindu group

For my part, I kept finding these recurring themes:

  1. A willingness to generalize. The word “Muslims” encompasses every single Muslim with no allowances made for the vast majority of non violent members
  2. Many refuse to discuss a particular incident against Muslims (like the Godhra riots) and bring in all the other incidents of violence by Muslims they can remember. They do this because they feel that Muslims are getting a “free pass” by the press and society in general while any violation by Hindus is decried strongly.

I want to dispel some of the paranoia here. If those on the right are reading this, let me set the record straight:

  1. No violence is ever excused. If the violence is committed by a Muslim, they will be criticized as much as possible. Many bloggers have dedicated posts talking about injustices by the Taliban and how stupid fatwas harm soceity etc…
  2. We have nothing against Hindus and Hindu culture. We all have the right to follow any Hindu tradition we like as long as it’s in accordance with the law and the Constitution. Our Constitution is an expansive one. This means that you can do almost anything you want and no one has the right to stop you. If someone tries, all of us “liberal” bloggers will back you up and roundly denounce those who want to stop you from following your traditions irrespective of whether they’re Muslim, or Christian or any other religion.
  3. Our biggest concern is that innocent people will get caught up in any acts of retaliation against a particular community. That is why we denounce statements against “Muslims” in general – it’s because there are lots of innocent and non violent Muslims who don’t deserve hatred.
  4. Importantly, none of us are trying to downplay incidents of Islamic terror. Everyone cannot focus on everything. You have our deepest respect and admiration if you wish to address injustices to Hindus or Sikhs – like the 1984 Sikh massacre. Let’s use our strength in numbers to fight everything and not to bring in other incidents of violence when we’re discussing one particular incident. Let’s bring all the guilty people to justice without getting in one another’s way!

And most importantly, let’s not be at cross purposes. We all want to address injustices to everyone and anyone. Let’s have a dialogue instead of abusing one another. I assure you, we want to do what’s right – and I’m sure you do too. We’re in the Internet age and have the tools of communication. Let’s use this communication to achieve something that has never been done before – achieve harmony, or at least an understanding of where the other side is coming from.

I’m going to be commenting on your blogs from now on and I encourage you to read those written by liberals. Let’s put in some effort to understand where we’re coming from. I suggest tools like guest posts where you can air your views and we can do the same. Let’s be creative.

What say?

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  1. Hey Bhagwad,

    Just hopped over from Dilip's site. Nice disc on going here though I dont have the context. Just looking at the last few comments, you have something about media bias. Let me give you one example.

    I often get really busy and dont follow media at all, or do so with a huge time lag. A few years ago I remember reading a series of articles, in the Hindu and some other places that praised Naveen Patnaik- this puzzled me since I thought the guy is aligned to BJP_ I seemed to remember they were critical of him but didnt care enough to look it up elsewhere and just followed it there.

    After a few days and op pieces and "news reportage" with significant op-ed characteristics, it dawned the guy had dumped the BJP and was going it alone, and negotiating with Congress or something.

    That penny-drop moment is wonderful Bhagwad, when you suddenly recognize the "engine" after seeing lots of bogies first :-) I hope you experience something similiar- ones own experience is the best teacher.



  2. the religion of my grandfather is Hinduism and he says that it is a great religion.~~~


  3. Hi Bhagwad

    Good to see you putting up a fight. As I said in my reply to your comment on my blog, a lot of these commentators flood the blogosphere with their far-right ideas. I have encountered Kaffir, Malavika, GyanP etc. on another forum as well. Surprisingly, you've been spared a lot of sarcastic abuse by a few other inconsiderate commentators who are conspicuously missing from this blog.

    Way to go though. You have my full support in the cause you've taken up. Don't bog down by these loud-mouths.



    • In reply to Ashish Deodhar

      Thanks for the support AD :) – you know, I actually got depressed for a few days knowing such people exist in the world who have so much hatred in them – I managed to get over it by looking at others who are tolerant and mature, but it was a big shock all the same.


  4. Bhgwad
    I went through your article and comments. What I see clearly is you seem to be a bit lost. I do not know any of thes people who have written comments here nor I have seen their articles or comments much on other sites. Among your article also I have gone through only this one in full. So my opnion is based on coments and your article here. To me comments from GyanP, soumyasrajan, Kaffir Jai and their attitudes look much more reasonable and balanced than yours. You claim, you want a discussion. But all you are doing is expressing your own views together with an attitude that it is ok even if I am a little not so honest on blog etc. That can not generate much confidence of others in you any way.
    With this attitude more funny is you are not ready to listen to anybody else's views with respect. Moment they differ from you, you or your freinds like AD start indulging in either ornamenting others with adjectives or justifying yourself with phoney arguments like of the type (I am putting more bluntly then you express but that is what it amounts to "Oh! I am right because I can not be wrong" etc. Very soon you yourself also run into difficulty as your discussion with Soumyasrajan and GyanP "on India being full of violence" and on "Modi" show. You had to admit that you were not that careful, while expressing such opinions. It is bound to happen often that you will face similar situations in life quite often with your attitudes of being not ready to see reality and not ready to be careful about authenticity of your expressions. One graceful thing is that at least you admitted.
    Your attitudes reminds me of the story of two frogs in Well. One of them who had come from ocean was trying to convince the other who had never got out of his well that Ocean is much bigger than his well. But the other one was not convinced and he wanted the intruder to get out of well.
    Your attitude looks to be exactly like that of frog in the well, you seem to be intent on digging well further deep rather than getting out of it. Get out of your well man if you want to see truth and real world.


  5. This is hilarious!

    Far-left chap reaching out to his right.

    Dude, have you ever considered the possibility that what looks like being on the "far right" to you might be something fairly in the centre, but since you happen to be sitting way too far on the left (close to the Mao-kissing naxal beheaders) everything else appears on the far right?


  6. Hey Jal Park,

    You took the liberty of "setting the record straight". As if you know exactly what all lefties/sickularists are thinking and doing. Are you not making a generalisation yourself, the sort that you seem to be whining about?

    Who made you the spokesperson for all the India-hating (synonymous to me with Hindu-hating) leftwingers?

    And as far as reaching out is concerned, why dont you also reach out to the commies, the jihadists, and others? Oh, but then, you are secular. (Or are you just scared of the consequences?)



    • In reply to Babban

      I never called myself a left guy. I'm neither right nor left. The fact that you say I'm "left" even though I never mentioned it anywhere shows how you see the world in black and white. Grow up.

      And please define "commie" before you use it again. This is a rational debate. We don't use words which aren't properly defined.

      And the right wing in India is far more vocal than any jihadist group. Show me some jihadist blogs in India if you can.


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