Alternatives for calling someone “Right Wing”

Several of those whom I would put in the “right wing” camp in Indian politics have expressed their dislike for the term. Perhaps they feel it’s too poorly defined, or that it’s well defined and doesn’t fit them, or that it’s used in an insulting way. Maybe all three. While it’s true that those on […]

Indian Media – Debunking Ownership Myths

Ridiculing the recent email regarding the ownership of the Indian Media as well as the allegations of political bias

Why do some people hate Gandhi?

How the Hindu Right Wing invariably dislikes Gandhi, while some even hate him. Isn’t it puzzling how someone can hate a person who preached peace?

“Bias” in Indian Media – an Insider’s view

An insider view on whether or not the Indian media is biased towards minorities like Muslims and whether or not it receives funding from parties such as the Congress

Exposing Right Wing extremism in India

What makes intelligent and educated people take up right wing extremism in India? Why do they go over the top and become so shrill. Analyzing the Hindutva mind…

Khap Defenders – Showcasing denial

Reveals the lengths a person will go to when in denial. Deals with Honor killing and Khaps

The Results are in – Reaching out to the right

The results of my experiment to reach out to the far right and start a dialogue

Two reasons why Muthalik’s pub attack deserved so much outrage

Explains the reasons why there was greater outrage over Pramod Muthalik’s Bangalore pub attack compared to the outrage over the Islamic hand cutting incident of the professor

Reaching out to the far right – start of a dialogue

We all blog in gated communities. Not by choice, but it happens that way. We mostly read those people whose views we agree with. As a result on most personal blogs, the comments on each post read something like this: You’re so right! I couldn’t have said it better! I agree completely etc etc… But […]

Question for Khaps – Child vs Parents. Who wins?

How can a parent put his or her own needs above that of their kids? How do “Honor Killings” really work?