Tomatoes from home! – Virender makes it (Day 103)

Virender’s Tomatoes and photos of one remaining indeterminate Tomato Tamina plant…

Day 69: Saying Goodbye to Tomatoes…RIP Fathima

Saying goodbye to the tomatoes and performing the last rites for Fathima. Also transplanted the Tomato Tamina seedlings

Day 63: The first tomato fruits (and my secret weapon)!

First green tomato fruit – also show how I used a vibrating dildo to try and pollinate the flowers to overcome the high humidity in Chennai!

Tomato Tamina Seedlings – Day 12

The Tomato Tamina leaves are growing big and are quite different from the first batch. Also some sad news…

What to name them? Tomato Tamina Seedlings – Day 6

What names shall I give my Tomato Tamina Seedlings?

Planting my new UK Tomato Tamina seeds – Day 1

Planting my new indeterminate tomato seeds which I ordered online. I hope they do well in India’s weather – especially that of Chennai

Day 40: Tomatoes – final transplantation

Transplanting my tomato plants. The roots had all grown past their limits. Taking them out of their pots was easy. Just tip them into your hand…

Day 39 Tomatoes: The first flower buds!

My tomato plants have started to bud! These should grow into flowers after a while I guess…

Day 34: Tomatoes – Fighting off insects in a Chennai garden

Dealing with insects on the tomato plants in the Chennai climate. Using Neem leaves soaked in water as an insecticide.

Day 30: Update on tomatoes!

Tomato seedlings after one month. Seems that tomatoes like Chennai’s weather!